• Script Supervisor

    Testimonials by various Film Crew Members

    by Director

    It was a great pleasure to spend tireless hours in cramped hallways, a shower, and tight corners, with the one and only you. You are brilliant at what you do... the term scripty didn’t really exist until you stepped onto the scene. I want to keep you in my pocket! Thank you for your tireless enthusiasm for Exit Zero and your grace in showing me the why’s of script supervisor. I learned a great deal from you. "You're my forever family" - Jane Dough



    by Director

    Alia was amazing to have on set. Her diligence, attention to detail and great demeanor elevated the project to the next level. She had valuable creative insights that helped save time allowing us to make our days and get great material. Alia is the best script supervisor I have worked with and I can't wait to work with her again!






    by Director

    Alia’s professionalism, positive energy, and attention to detail was invaluable to have on our set for our web series, Human Telegraphs. As the director, I was incredibly grateful for her vision and collaboration, and always felt supported by her during our shoots. The scripty documents she created have been such an incredible resource to me and my editor in post-production—her detailed records of what was captured down to each take have been post-production efficiency magic!! I am so happy to have gotten to work with Alia and recommend her 100%!



    by Director

    I couldn’t have done this project without you. The Root of Happiness was a demanding three days of filming and you were always there by my side with everything I needed.

    I can’t wait to work with you again.



    by Producer

    Alia, you're a dream! I still feel so honored that you chose to be a part of the Human Telegraphs team. You are such a reliable and calming presence—qualities I especially appreciate when things invariably get tense and hectic on set. I love how thorough your notes are: when it came to payroll, your records made it easy to see exactly which days we needed to pay crew overtime for. Thank you for being so on top of everything, and thank you for being you!






    by Editor

    You're fantastic at your job! Best script supervisor I have ever worked with and I'm so grateful for you! Thank you for helping us do it right.